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Doing Commissions

-Sketch: $5

-Lines: $15

-Flats (with minor effects): $25

-Color and Shading: $35

-if you want extra character(s) $10 or each additional character

Simple Backgrounds with pattern or design: $5

Detailed or specific Background: $15

—-NO NSFW stuff. Minor nudity is alright
(breasts or ass (no asshole))—-

if you have any questions or need / provide details email me at:    

  • PayPal Only.  must receive payment first.
  • will provide progress images if wanted so i can note changes you want.
  • if drawings are for commercial use, will discuss price through email or skype if needed.

Thanks and have a great day

NO assholes?! alright, u drive a hard bargain, but rikert is god at drawin (fact

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