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Not sure if I should give this a go, but I think I will.

Transactions will be done on Paypal only, half up front and half when it’s finished.  I will also show you the sketches at some point while I am working on it to make sure I am on track with what you want.

Feel free to ask about stuff you are not sure I can do, I am a fast learner and would enjoy tackling the request.

In case that colored text is unreadable let me reiterate…


  • $5 Any Character (Bust, Full view, Whatever)
  • +$2 Each Additional Character


  • $13 Any Character (Bust, Full view, Whatever)
  • +$2 Add Flat Colors
  • +$3 Add Black Shading


  • $20 Any Character Bust
  • $25 Any Character Waist Up
  • $30 Any Character Full View

Communicate with me first on either tumblr or to discuss any and all details you want in the piece.  Also to help me decide whether I can take your request or not. XD

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